James Gardner

James Gardner

I am a digital technology strategist. Now working in the pharmaceutical industry, I previously worked at Volume, one of the largest independent B2B digital marketing agencies in the UK. Throughout my career I have dealt with everything from social media to cloud computing, Storage Area Networks to Virtualization, giving me a broad view on the technology issues facing businesses today. In my spare time I can be found making cars out of Lego - with my two kids obviously - or dreaming of a walk-on part in a Romero zombie movie.

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Who should be driving Big Data?

Every day the number of ways in which we can collect data grows...

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EMCVoice: What Is The New Sharing Economy? - Forbes

EMCVoice: What Is The New Sharing Economy? - Forbes...

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James Garner, Elaine Stritch, Kanye West, And The Culture Of Creative Cowardice - Forbes

James Garner died over the weekend at the age of 86. Before he was the star of Maverick and The Rockford Files, he was a lot of other things. As The New York Times wrote of his colorful career history: “Mr. Garner came to acting late, and by accident. On...

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LeBron James Takes a Stand on Eric Garner, Showing How it's Done

Before thousands took to the New York streets Thursday night to protest the killing of Eric Garner by a New York City policeman, and a Staten Island grand jury’s decision not to indict the policeman who used the choke hold that ended Garner’s life, they had a major spokesman surface...

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Secret Luxury Spots In The Bohemian Beach Paradise Of Tulum, Mexico - ForbesLife

Photo: Shutterstock My first impressions of Tulum, Mexico were not promising. The multiple police checkpoints en-route and the rough deep pot holes lining the dirt roads were enough to jar my senses in this coastal town 80 miles southeast of Cancun. So much has been written about this scruffy beach...

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James Goodnight

James Goodnight - The Richest Person In Every State, #177 Billionaires, #60 Forbes 400, #61 RTRL, #179 Real-Time Billionaires...

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You're Pulling My Legacy

Backers of a new film, The Ultimate Gift, hope it will make you laugh, cry and hire a financial planner....

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LeBron James Will Eventually Top Michael Jordan As Basketball's Greatest Player

LeBron James. (Image credit: AFP/Getty Images via @daylife) Although there will be resistance, LeBron James will ultimately be seen as the greatest basketball player of all time, surpassing Michael Jordan. And it shouldn’t really be close. It seems like an appropriate time to examine the comparison as James, 28 and...



70 investments. 3. Allen, Paul Gardner. 30.4. 48. Microsoft ... Goodnight, James. 5.7. 58 software. 55 ... Irving, James, Arthur & John. 4.4 oil. 90. Oetker, Rudolf & ......

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James Madison Would Know Who Today's Extremists Are, And They're Not The Tea Party

It is precisely at moments of highest passion that it should be most difficult to enact sweeping new laws....

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#379 University of Oklahoma, Norman - Forbes.com

Aug 5, 2009 ... ... Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast; Brad Henry, Oklahoma Governor; W. Howard Lester, chairman, Williams-Sonoma, Inc.; James Garner, actor....

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How To Solve America's Low-Skills Crisis

A big part of the low-skills crisis is America’s obsession with getting young people to graduate high school without stringently verifying that they have the basic skills to garner meaningful employment. According to the OECD, 60% of Americans with low skills have graduated high school. However, as the watered down...


#308 University of Oklahoma, Norman - Forbes.com

Aug 11, 2010 ... ... Olympic Gold Medal gymnast; Brad Henry, Oklahoma Governor; W. Howard Lester, chairman, Williams-Sonoma, Inc.; James Garner, actor....

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Raymond James' Richard Prentiss and Mark DeRussy

Mark DeRussy and Richard Prentiss ranked third on this year's Forbes.com/StarMine list of the best overall stock pickers....