James Gardner

James Gardner

I am a digital technology strategist. Now working in the pharmaceutical industry, I previously worked at Volume, one of the largest independent B2B digital marketing agencies in the UK. Throughout my career I have dealt with everything from social media to cloud computing, Storage Area Networks to Virtualization, giving me a broad view on the technology issues facing businesses today. In my spare time I can be found making cars out of Lego - with my two kids obviously - or dreaming of a walk-on part in a Romero zombie movie.

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YouTube’s Freemium Model: Who Wins Marketers Or Consumers?

Recently, YouTube announced that it’s fine-tuning a subscription model for a music streaming service called YouTube Music Key that they plan to launch in the next few months. Music Key would allow…...

11 rules of twitter etiquette you need to know article
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11 Rules of Twitter Etiquette You Need to Know

Twitter sometimes feels like a spectator sport. You sit on the sidelines and watch the passing parade with bemusement, interest and often amazement. The torrent of tweets and interactions vary from h…...

1280px major league baseball.svg  article
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Major League Baseball Suspends Three Minor League Players For Drug Violations

The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball announced on Feb. 13 that three Minor League players have been suspended following their violations of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Progra…...

Al article
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Al Sharpton Cashing In On Ferguson Franchise By Announcing 25 New Locations To Protest

One thing you can say about the current slimmed-down version of the Rev. Al Sharpton whether you like him or not, he knows how to play the game. The Reverend announced Wednesday that he and the Natio…...

Social media marketing 529a284d article
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How To Improve Social Media Conversions With Customized Landing Pages

When someone visits your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ or Instagram profile what do they do next? Speaking for myself – and I’m sure I’m not alone – if someone looks remotely…...

Black belt uniforms article
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38 Facts You Should Know About Taekwondo

Here are 38 facts about Taekwondo that you may not know. The questions is do you know all 38 of them? Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and the national sport of South Korea. Taekwondo is also used b…...

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Political Campaign Ad Awards 2014

Election Day is here and we’ve been keeping a close eye on this year’s candidates. Though we don’t know how things will turn out on November 4th, we know who has been spending their time (and…...

Gravity web 290 article
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29 Guides to Beautiful and Effective Website Design

Long gone are the days when websites were essentially static online brochures. Today’s websites are expected to convey a positive and compelling brand image, differentiate a firm’s products or se…...